Japanese world cyclist has bicycle stolen in Wuhan

Japanese man Heyuan Keiichiro is cycling around the world, what surprises him is that his car was stolen in Wuhan.

Three weeks ago he arrived in Wuhan. The day before yesterday he parked the bicycle at the entrance of Han Street, due to beyond the parking lot closing time, the old parking attendant got off work, and he did not put the bike onto the rack and just parked it against the wall, not in designated areas. When he came back at 8:30, he found his bicycle was missing.

The parking attendant refused to be responsible for the missing bike due to exceeding parking time and adding that the bicycle was not put on designated area.

He hopes to find his bike. It is reported that the bike has been modified with value of 13,000 Yuan or so, and it has accompanied him through a dozen countries.

Heyuan Keiichiro said: “My bike is my true love, my girlfriend, I’d like to get it back.”


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  1. Some Guy says:

    tho id say good job since he probably also thought the nanjing massacre never happened.

  2. Some Guy says:

    only in wuhan.

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