Guangzhou Man Cheated out of 20 Million Yuan by South Korea Wife

BAE HyunJung and Chinese HusbandMr. Wu got registered for marriage with BAE HyunJung in Guangzhou, March 2010, the left is their notarized photo in Guangzhou, the right is woman’s passport photo.

August 25, Guangzhou citizen Mr. Wu revealed to the media that his South Korean wife BAE HyunJung (Chinese Name:裴贤贞) Cheated him out of nearly 20 million Yuan in the name of helping investment in Guangzhou, and then his wife was missing and difficult to contact. Currently, Mr. Wu is recovering this huge sum of money through lawyers and South Korean Embassy in China, and he said the woman was believed to be one of the members of South Korean singing group “CLEO”.

Mr. Wu said at the end of July 2009, he met BAE HyunJung when gambling in a Macau casino, and then they began to fall in love. BAE HyunJung told Mr. Wu she was willing to China and got together with him, but she was the member of a South Korean singing group “CLEO”, so to surrender the original company, she needed about 400,000 Yuan as termination fee. the two got married in Guangzhou on March 26, 2010.

However, Mr. Wu said the two sides` life was not happy, BAE HyunJung had a strong desire to control, and temper was also bad. June 29, BAE HyunJung said his brother was ready to buy a company and asked Wu to buy shares and these shares would bring good returns to him. In her persuasion, Mr. Wu brought 6 million Hong Kong dollars and flied from Hong Kong to South Korea.

BAE HyunJung is singing group of CLEOIn the performance video of South Korea singing group “CLEO”, Mr. Wu said this singer is his wife BAE HyunJung.

Once arrived at South Korea the money was registered in the name of BAE HyunJung. But in early July they went to Macau and gambled in the casino for nearly two months, all the money was lost in Gambling.

Before their acquaintance, Mr. Wu did leather business in Guangzhou had many shops. This year, lobbied by BAE, he mortgaged his many shops to a guarantee company in exchange for 15 million Yuan in cash, and then he followed her to Seoul. He signed a “investment agreement” in Korean language and gave the money to others.

The end of June this year, BAE said it was profitable to buy stocks in South Korea, and asked Mr. Wu to invest in stocks; Mr. Wu sold some of the property and shares at 120 million and took the money to BAE. He said this was the last of his saving. However, in early July, BAE started to play tricks of missing, ran away from home and the phone was off for long time.

Nan Zhengai, Legal counsel lawyer of Chinese Embassy in the South Korea, said according to her preliminary investigation BAE HyunJung was suspected of fraud, and was prepared to sue in South Korea.

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