Fudan University Scandal – Huangshan Incident Gate

Police are searching for the lost Fudan students

[REVIEW]  About a dozen students from Fudan University was trapped in an unopened area of Huangshan. In order to rescue the students a police fell down cliff dead. While a netizen discloses that the passing life did not arise Fudan students` reflection and thanksgiving, but in the forum to talk about how to start public relations campaign to the media and who should gain the power of Fudan Climbing Club.

zhang ning hai who died in search for Fudan studentsZhang Ninghai –who died in the rescue work

About a dozen students from Fudan University was trapped in an unopened area of Huangshan. In order to rescue the students a police fell down cliff dead. While a netizen discloses that the passing life did not arise Fudan students` reflection and thanksgiving, but in the forum to talk about how to start public relations campaign to the media and who should gain the power of Fudan Climbing Club and indifferent words – “you absolutely should serve tax payers.”

Du Bin and his public relations

Police was killed for rescue, while campus forum talks about “Making use of media”

Fudan students` indifference makes netizens feel extremely despair. College students lack basic respect and awe towards life, which has attracted waves of criticism online. “The blood of a youth is around me, so I found it difficult to use my sensation, no mention a word? The crying long song must be after the deep pain.”  Netizen ” Z思沫” said , It is time for Chinese to reread Lu Xun (Lu Xun (1881-1936), a Chinese author and social critic. Best known for his pioneering short stories in the modern style and his prolific output as a polemic and personal essayist, he was a prominent man of letters and cultural leader.)


Rescued students are busy with “seizing power” after back to campus

On Dec 12, 18 students, a majority of whom are from Fudan University, got lost when climbing Yellow Mountain in Anhui Province. After about 11 hours of rescue efforts involving police and fire fighters. All 18 members of the group were safe, while a policeman named Zhang Ninghai slipped and rolled down the mountainside in the rescue process.

commnets from Fudan forum

Wired comments from Fudan Campus Forum

“When I interviewed Fudan students this afternoon, their chilly look made me feel cold. They did not even attend the memorial service of him and then rushed back.” On Dec14, Anhui journalist “淡淡esse香” condemned students indifference in his micro blog.

“淡淡esse香” record that when Zhang`s remains was founded and lift down the mountain, the 18 students did not burst into tears as the newspaper writes, they were very calm. “Even for interview we need to chase them to ask questions, they said would go back to Shanghai. When I came to their coach, a male student came over and said sorry and then got on bus, Then the door was closed hardly. ”

The reporter said, at that moment, some things were even colder than the weather.

“淡淡esse香” then continuously updated his blogs several times, sighing Zhang`s sacrifice was worth nothing, the posts were forwarded as much as 4800 times.

When the rescued students return to school, they are no longer anxious lost man in the mountain; again they became the campus elites. Among the 18 rescued Du Bin a member of Fudan Climbing Association, A screenshot of dialogue between him and his classmates were was put in to a mico blog yesterday by a netizen. Du Bin said his “state of mind is ok” after back to school. The dialogue also revealed that “the school asked students to keep restraint”, Shi Xiang (Du`s classmate) reminds Du of learning “to cope with crisis of public relations, after this incident, The association will become yours.” ” You have to learn to establish order, to control old members, to coordinate relations, to make use of resources, which is the association can give you, ” Du Bin responded that ” Ah, I have to rely on you, my experience is too inadequate “, ” First let me get through this difficulty.”


The campus network does not talk about mourn but public relations

A passing young life has received profound condolences among the netizens in forums and blogs., while in Fudan campus,where should reflect the incident most, netizens find that Fudan students are busy discussing how to control the media and how two cope with the crisis of public relations.

comments from Fudan Campus Forum

Fudan students` PR campaign suggestion

Yesterday, a netizen posted a few letters from Fudan BBS at Tianya Forum, where a BBS user named Ciang said “Now the media are talking about how Fudan students shrik responsibility,It is a very bad thing.” Therefore, ciang thought, “If journalists graduating from Fudan University can report the incident objectively on more media, the negative mood to Fudan will soon disappear.” He also praised a report of a journalist (Fudan graduate) in Shanghai. Saying it is good for Fudan, and if wrote by another person, the result is absolutely the contrary. (According to the former report,Fudan students cried as the police’s body was carried down from the mountain, which is confirmed a false report)

ciang pointed out that through this incident, The Fudan`s control to news medial has declined. He suggested the Fudan news graduates should work in several newspapers, not in one or two of them, If more positions were be occupied. The results would be better. The letter also mentioned that the fundamental reason of “Huangshan Incident” is because of the contradiction between public goods and individual freedom, It is an inevitable stage of Chinese increasing income gap,so nothing to discuss.
The students suggested, Fudan should take “Huangshan Incident” as  an opportunity to strengthen former relationship with Anhui. All principals should attend the memorial service of the police. on this basis, they should get more enrollment of students and strengthen other relationships. They should take more deans with them to make people see the sincerity. Finally It is is inevitable that the bad thing becomes a good one; it also will test the level of the university’s public relations ability.
In addition, the most irresponsible words on Fudan Forum is to condemn the police for their order of immediate walking down the mountain, saying it is that decision which caused the death. “The person who made this decision is the of greatest responsibility” and “It is not right to forbid to go into the dangerous area, Why snow mountain climbing is not prohibited “and other rhetoric.
While the remains is not even cold yet, so “rational” analysis and views from Fudan Forum make netizens feel “too cold.”


Netizens reaction
The indifference to life cannot be forgiven

The indifference of the rescued students and the “cold-blooded” discussion on Fudan Campus Forum make net users` grief turn into criticism to Fudan students.

What the net users can not understand are their adventure and their rescued, and not the police’s sacrifice. They just can not understand their indifference to life. A micro blog user named“电气虎” angrily pointed out that the views of Fudan climbers is: “The mistake is that the scenic park collects ticket fee but not to develop that area; The mistake is that the rescuers are not professional enough; we have professional team leader so we can risk at the remote area to have the picnic; all people have original sin, so you can not blame us.” It is such a group of top students “with their willful, ignorance and irresponsibility to allow a young innocent civilian lose his life.”

Just as Mop.com user“埃拉尼” said, after rescued, no apology, no mourning. When back to school, no reflection but start an open discussion of the so-called crisis public relations and shirking the responsibility. Being students of a famous China university, they do not know the responsibility and respect for life; I really do not know what to say.


According to Morning News report, This Huangshan climbing expedition was convened through net posts, the reporter also found the original thread. The convenor named “pipin” said: “These days Huangshan is becoming chilly, maybe there will be snow, so that we have a smaller chance of being caught, but the scenery will not make you regret.”  Since refers to “chance of being caught,” so net users suspect that they deliberately avoid the normal route and want to escape the entrance fares. A person who claimed to work in tourism industry said in a post that: “Some time ago I heard a driver sent a group of guests to the sought gate of Huangshan, at midnight. They found a local person online to lead the  group walk into Huangshan through a special route without paying tickets, The cost is only RMB50 per person. It seems the accident is due to tickets evasion. “

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