Female Students in Shaanxi Normal University Try Standing Urinal

September 26, six female standing urinals in Shaanxi Normal University started to be tried out; the female students were a little shy after trying that.

A special slogan is set up next to the urinal: ” If every girl can pee in standing posture , Shaanxi Normal University will save 160 tons of water per day. ” A partition is installed between two toilets to avoid embarrassment and reduce female’s repulsive mind. Next to the urinal a diffuser is specially placed.

7 female pioneers from Student Union of Shaanxi Universities came and participated in opening ceremony of female urinals in Shaanxi Normal University. A student representative said it was a new to them, Professor Qu said doing this was very significant, I had the courage to try it but did not know how to use when came in. A girl went into the toilet then came out and said , “I waited for two or three minutes, the urine just does not come out” , a senior girl said that it takes time to accept new things. You can not use it well for first time, More practices may help.

It is known that each female urinal costs 2,000 Yuan, The promoter of this innovation is from Professor Qu Yajun in Shaanxi Normal University.  In April , Qu suggested setting up standing urinals in the campus. The university then decided to set up three standing urinals.

September 26 , Xi’an, Ye Ganlin explained her philosophy of environmental protection for using standing urinals, The retired 72 -year-old senior engineer Ye Ganlin is the first female who practice standing pee.

September 26 , Xi’an, the standing urine toilets at Taibai Road. most users are men. Qu Yajun said not only men but also women themselves feel difficult to accept it. Due to physiological factors women need a when standing to urinate, however, holding it to pee is difficult to accept for women.

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