Fanfou is Back After 505 days Lock Down

Fanfou is back after 1 year

After 505 days lock down, Fanfou, the earliest domestic micro-blogging site, seems back soon. The word “waiting for meal” on homepage has finally become a login window. 

At about 9:30 pm Nov 25, there are net users found that is available again, The message spread rapidly within a short time and flocking users made the WEB page can only show intermittently. However, users excitedly can not help spreading the news. Most users who log on again released “I am come back” as the first message.

Fanfou is back

Maybe due to excessive pressure on server, The interface now only shows “Waiting for meal” and image of “Echoes Of The Rainbow ” and its lines. However, users can still log, the mobile terminal.

Only Mobile Fanfou is available now

At the beginning of this month came the news that will be back soon and the news once again has become the focus of Internet users. On evening Nov 11, Wang Xing the founder of updated microblog, which is considered as a return signal. In this microblog, Wang Xing quoted and rewritten the lyrics of BE-YON D song, “Glory Days”, and the first sentence is “the bell brings the go home signal / seems a little sigh In his life.”

As the earliest domestic micro-blogging site, Fanfou was first launched in May 2007, and users had surged to 1 million until first half of 2009, but from early morning of July 8 that year, users  suddenly could not log on, in the afternoon came the notice that “the server is shut down.” One senior-level Fanfou employee said: “Fanfou is now under tech maintenance and will re-open soon. Don’t ask me why.”,

Currently, Fanfou has not yet accept new registration, only invited register is allowed.

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