Crazy Chinese girl,crazy love confession

Sha Sha, a Chinese Girl,who has been rejected three times by her boyfriend. now she wrote his love on papers and posted them in pictures to forum, hoping to move him and get together with him. Sha Sha is so crazy and this is a really fucking cool idea.  Bless you Sha Sha.

Let`s look at Sha Sha and her crazy confession of love.

I am sha sha, a Chinese girl rejected three times by a boy.

I will not give up!

Rejected!? No!!!

 Zheng Lei: I want to tell you.

 2011 Jan 14 you added me as a friend.

Then we started to chat online,then  video chat,  brag and chat idle gossip.

I did not tell you, I felt affectionate for you at the first sight.

I did not tell you I wanted to walk with you when you contacted me one year later.

You were still so narcissistic, arrogant, proud, fucking great. 


 I was afraid it`s too late to be understood, I always tried to show you my best side.

I chose to be honest to you, I knew obviously you would not love me for I had a variety of bad habits.

That time in order to see you, my friend dressed me up to be pure for the whole night, thinking that`s the style you liked.

I was always changing for you, but you even did not give me a look

You said you could not give me the whole world, but you would gave me your world, I`d like to tell you that knowing you are good is my best world.

I thought what I had done would touched you, but it only moved myself.

 I started to play Renren, QQ, Weibo, I posted my emotions, hoping you could found  me.

 I dreamed that you loved another girl, I was awake from the dream and wanted to tell you  please do not give me up, but I did not have guts.

You told me you would hate me for a lifetime, I made it but you forgot.

I was always light-minded in front of you, but this time I am serious.

I like you, I will not regret.

Below are her friends cheers for her. 

Zheng Lei, please get together with Sha Sha, I am bored of her talking about you endlessly.

Every day 16 hours when she is awake she is always talking about you.

 She is serious, you please accept her love.

I like you and never regret.

I like you.

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  1. C says:

    I know a lot of people close to our age has some attachment problems. Its not love its more of a father and mother relationship wanted. I have very bad iq of learning. I caught myself into trouble , i was too late to stop myself. By the look of her age she must be in her teens or mid twenties. Let me tell you this no matter how you change or act, no one will really like you. It depends on your personality. My grade scores are terrible and below average. I talk like foreigner , but americans consider me as a disability. My people skills are really poor , if she keeps changing her look . She really need to find a hobby to do.

    Girls shouldn’t really pursue anything out of their pocket. Girls need to be intelligent, smart and have strong sense of awareness. If your a girl with poor self esteem its not good. As long as you dont pursue anything its best in recommendation.

    In my early 20’s i made the worse mistake of my life. I kept adding people on line to rub it to my high schools classmate. Because my high school classmates kept teasing me. I found out its the way how my attitude with me for finding new friends. I never use my brain to think, i just do things constantly and one day a former friend told when im 29 i’m going to regret for what i did in my mid 20’s . Do not ever change for someone if you want to be judge amen. This girl reminds me of my bad self esteem. Low self esteem girls need to find a hobby such as reading, copying , improving writing, dont rely on looks to attract . Its not the point . No matter how pretty you are its not going to attract nothing if you cant speak clear.

  2. John says:

    I think she is losing her time with a stupid man like him. She should find another man. Someone who can respect her and love her really. This man already reject her 3 times. He will do it again or use her as a tool. Trying to get with this man only bring her pain. Change your mind girl, this man will never respect you. He already prove it.

  3. B says:

    She is SOOO lame…

  4. T says:

    Shit, that guys an idiot for not getting together with her. So what she’s clingy; I find it all really cute. She seems like a sincere & loyal girl so why not give her a chance to make her happy? All this effort with the cards makes it pretty awesome.

  5. Some Guy says:

    but i mean, seriously, if she got rejected by the boy 3 times, he probably has his reasons, and nothing will change that, even if he pities her, and get together with her, it would be temporary. does she actually expect the relationship to be long term (if there is the slight chance of getting together in the first place), for me it sounds like this young girl is foolishly chasing the end of the rainbow. she will have to mature up eventually and realize this was just really naive.

    tho, despite of it all, i still hope something good happen for her / them.

    PS. i realized you removed the image code thingy, which is a ‘thumb-up” from me.

  6. Some Guy says:

    OMG she IS fucking crazy. being so clingy and all is actually a turn-off for many guys. so I’m not sure if this would do her any good. although she’s not bad looking, but there’s something weird going on with her eyes.

    anyways, there are so many spelling and grammar mistakes in this article, that i’m kind of lazy to point them out, first of all you mixed the genders, she/her he/him. and IMO, 我喜欢你,means “I like you”, 我爱你 = I love you. there are differences

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