College Cross-dresser Group Makes A Stir in China

On stage they are beautiful and charming, people cannot help loving them upon seeing their show; off stage they are actually all pure men. Yesterday, a bunch of female college students performed a cross dressing show in Hankou, central China’s Hubei Province, their excellent performance attracted the audience.

The dance group name is  “Alice Cross Dresser Group” and all group members are boys and college students. The group are often invited to perform in various shows and they are preparing for a cartoon show held at East Lake Peony Garden when interviewed.

“Xiaolu”, an accounting junior in South-Central University for Nationalities, is an animation enthusiast. “Xiaohua” is a painting junior from the same university and also the founder of the cross dresser group.

The dance group has more than 20 members from South-Central University for Nationalities,Wuhan Textile University,Wuhan University and other universities.

One time in a show, several female students of the dance group happened to be away, but the show time was starting soon, so several boys had to play girls on the stage, what surprised them was that the performance was well-received. When back to school, they set up a cross-gender group.

The group has strict requirements for new members: “Legs must be thin and long, the body can not be too big and face should be delicate and handsome.” In the beginning, not many people signed up, but after several performances the group became famous, more and more people wanted to join in.

They are all beatiful women on stage, but when off stage they are pure men and often play basketball, watch football games, they like all sports that boys like.

However, because they look handsome than common boys, they are also favored by girls, a lot of group members have their own girlfriend.
A group member “Haoge” said, usually he will humbly ask his girlfriend to teach him how to walk, speak and pose like a girl, then he will teach other members.  This “cross dresser group” has a reputation in Wuhan and they often receive some performing invitations, the performing fee is 500 Yuan per person for each show.

When asked if they will continue to do this after graduation. The members said that they would not: “This is just a free time activity, when we graduate, we will look for a formal job like everyone else and do what we should do.” 

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