Chinese Woman Holds “Divorce Ceremony” to End Marriage

 Chinese Woman Holds Divorce Ceremony Erect red arches, hire a music band for fun, use Lincoln wedding car and wear a white wedding dress … … On June 19, a divorce banquet was staged in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, The 57-year-old woman Yuan Li (pseudonym) and her husband Wang Jian (pseudonym) decided to hold a grand divorce ceremony one year after they file a divorce. In addition to the ceremony, Yuan also ordered a divorce dinner at a restaurant. She hoped through this ceremony she could declare his end of unhappy marriage to the public, abandoned the past and started all over again and walked towards a new life. The picture shows that Yuan Li tore her wedding photograph into two.

Yuan and her husband met the 32 years ago and had been married for 27 years, after marriage she became a housewife and had 3 children, two boys and one girl , She expected to have many children and grandchildren and live lives in peace, She never anticipated that her husband an  inconstant lover and the marriage could not continue. Yuan said after discovering her husband had unfaithful affairs, originally the parents did not agree a divorce, and in her mind she also was not willing to get divorced. However, it turned out to in vain after persuasion of her and the children, then she lost hope, ” It is better to get divorced than to bear life pains”  The picture shows Yuan takes off her wedding ring and throw it into a aquarium which is a symbol of the sea.

Husband and wife filed their divorce in July 2010. But considering her youngest son was still in school, both spent one more year under the same roof. Yuan said this year was very difficult, so she thought before she left they must hold a ceremony to say farewell to the past. When picking up the date, she settled it on the wedding anniversary.

Yuan makes up, puts on white wedding dress and new shoes, and asks photographer to shoot a photo with his son, family and friends.

For Yuan’s behavior, many onlookers said the action should be promoted, and they will attend similar gatherings if friends have. In their views, divorce is more nice than wise, one should abandon the stereotypes and get blessings of friends and family, which is also a way to release the inner pressure. While some other people have different views, divorce is a personal privacy; after all it is not a happy thing. So it is difficult to understand her high-profile action.

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  1. huang lei says:

    here is another interesting articles about these cool divorce parties- . who said divorce sucks?

  2. some guy says:

    divorce can be the happiest thing if your marriage was the biggest mistake in your life. I support her actions, everyone should have the freedom to choose their path.

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