Chinese teen would rather beg than have a job

An investigative journalist got a look into the world of beggars who feign handicaps through the eyes of a young boy who showed him exactly how his routine works. When the reporter asked if he would accept a job offer, the boy said he wouldn’t take a job even with a monthly salary of 8,000 yuan because he’s perfectly happy with the pay and freedom of his current gig.

Disabled beggars on streets always arouse our pity and sympathy, so handing out a little money for disabled beggars has become another way to show love. But some disabled beggars are actually a normal person; they just pretend to be the disabled. A young man showed his begging life.

The young beggar said that he is 17 years old from Shangshui County, He has been come out for six or seven years. “My father died, my mother was gone, I had a married sister, I only have a 70-year-old granny who was doing farm work, because I never did well at school and without parents, I was often bullied. Later I learnt this with the master and begged by myself on streets. I can earn least 50-60 Yuan per day, if I am lucky I can get more a day. The food costs me 20-30Yuan a day, if I earn less, I will beg for some food from restaurant.”

He said he did not want to go back home, His home has only two broken rooms and three acres of land planted by her grandmother. He himself never send any money to grandmother. “I don’t want to go home as I don’t have millions of dollars to bring home. How shameful it is! Everyone in the society is for money, now I have difficulty, I will remember the people who give me money and meals. ”

He pretends to be disabled by folding his left shank under his bottom and earns over 150 yuan ($24) a day through begging.

Reporter wanted to help him find a job: “I will help you find a job as security guard, the monthly salary is 1,500 Yuan with clothes and lunch provided, and will you take it?”

He said: “Do not mention to pay me 1,500 Yuan a month, I wouldn’t take a job even with a monthly salary of 8,000 Yuan! I am very free this way, I beg for 1 to 2 hours a day, I can not stand those constraints, and you do not understand me. ”

When asked: “Do you intend to live by begging forever?” He said: “This is just temporary and impossible for a lifetime. I will think of another way.” “I am in good health , I can stay 2 hours with upper body bared even in cold weather, I am not greedy, two hours a day is enough for me to buy food.”

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