Chinese lottery winners in disguise

Chinese lottery winner in disguise  565 million Yuan lottery winner disguises as a “Panda” when claim the prize

Chinese lottery winners are really talents! Look at their masks – Monkey King, Spider-Man, Pleasant Sheep, Transformer, Mahjong Bandit, a variety of masks, very creative. Every week, local newspapers in China publish pictures of the country’s lottery winners showing up to claim their oversized checks — in disguise.

Some of the winners resort to a simple combination of face masks, sunglasses and hoods pulled over their heads. Others get a little more creative: It’s not uncommon to see a Batman or medieval knight in the mix.

The practice of concealing one’s identity isn’t a practical joke by some lucky lottery winners. It’s become the proper ‘street-smart’ etiquette in China. With prize money of up to tens of millions of U.S. dollars — more even than some lotteries in America, winning can bring more grief than good. Whether from fear of solicitations, kidnapping or even just unwanted celebrity, most lottery winners think it’s best to be cautious. Some, according to newspaper accounts, even say they aim to keep their winnings a secret from their family members — and to continue on life as is.

Meanwhile, the public has taken an interest in judging the costumes of these new millionaires, with bloggers posting their photos and picking their favorites.

Foreigners seem not like that, is it another “Chinese characteristic”?

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