Chinese Lime Kiln Laborers and Their Children`s Buried Childhood

Heilonggui and Maladi is located at the junction of the Ordos and Wuhai city.Along the dozens kilometers valley there are hundreds of lime holeslike festering wounds.

Forests of chimneys occupy the original grasslands, Smoke are rolling up, pungent odor is in the air, city and mountains are covered by thick dust. You can not see the outline of the city and mountains just a few kilometers away. Nearly a thousand enterprises with heavy pollution discharge smoke together within a radius of several kilometers,  At noon is just like the setting sun time.

This is a huge western Inner Mongolia’s industrial park constructed from the late 1990s. The park brought in high energy consumption and high pollution enterprises as its main industry.

The industrial zone  is one of the leading coal, coke and lime production bases,  Factories  mainly produce lime and provide raw materials for calcium carbide plant and steelworks. Lime burning process is simple; it only requires a furnace and coal to burn lime stone.

With more and more kilns opened more than 10 thousand workers has come to work here with their family, Most are from Gansu, Ningxia, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia and other poorer regions.

They mine limestone, bake in kilns and knock blocks. They work about ten hours a day under very poor working conditions. Thick and yellow smoke accompanied with the pungent smell make people in dizzy tears, even if being covered with scarves or wearing a gauze mask they can not bear it.

Sulfur dioxide in the smoke threats workers` respiratory tract. Migrant mining workers face great dangers and each year dozens are killed and injured. Kiln workers also face the same situations and often suffer toxic shock.

Children also come here with their parents and live in this poor conditions and face pollutants every day.

Nearly a thousand enterprises with heavy pollution discharge smoke together, within a radius of several kilometers Noon is just like the setting sun time.

wokers in smoke,no blue sky can be seen

The blue sky can not be seen at all in the smoke.

workers without real protection

Miners use indigenous methods to protect their respiratory tract, but they will break in the dust anyway.

 no consciousness and conditions to avoid pollution

Many couple took their kids with them but no consciousness and conditions to avoid pollution.

 poor workers

The whole family moved here, they are in a state of poverty, all bodies are covered with dust.

Most mine workers are from poor regions like Gansu and Ningxia Province, some of them are female and they do the same work with men.

Workers break up the mine load raw ore with tractor.

a child facing pollutionT

he smell from the kiln is very stinking and thick, Child uses his black hands to avoid it.

child face

Can you imagine it is face of a child. The clear eyes are the only bright things on his face.

child eating cake with dusty handsWhen children come back to their home the poor litter brother begins swallow cake immediately with dusty hands.

They work more than 10 hours a day with the salary from 30 -70 Yuan

their playgroundPreschool children chase around the mine, no vide games and playground, what they are familiar is the mine area full of white smoke.

morning excisesStudents from Maladi Migrant Worker School are doing morning excises but now it has been closed.

children black hands

Maladi is in dry area and children have not washed hands for a long time.

child workerYang Xin Run, a 15 year old boy from Tianshui, Gansu Province has dropped school from Grade 2, He came together with his parents and now worked as an adult.

8 year child workerThe 8 year old Ma Qin followed his parents to come here from Guyuan, Ningxia. she dropped school for it is too far , now she knocks the mine blocks with her parents.

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    This is really a sad situation. It is a shame on people who call themselves rich with extravagance

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    Wow – someone needs to help these people. How can we bring more attention to this?

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    The Top Ideas And Pointers For Parents

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