Chinese guy imitates English accents of 9 countries

With rhythmic tone, exaggerated funny face expressions, coupled with a very unique music, a Dalian guy Zhang Xu imitates English accents of 9 different countries including Japan, South Korea, Britain, India, France, Italy, the United States,Russia and China in the video. The video was posted by Zhang Xu on February 11; the video soon became the most popular one on Chinese video sharing website Youku. Zhang Xu also got an nickname “Dongbei (Northeast) English Brother.”

In the 7 minutes` video, Zhang Xu started with: ” Hello, everyone, I am a young guy from Northeast China. Today I’m going to imitate how different foreigners introduce their countries in English. I hope you will like it.”

Zhang Xu said: “I never thought this video was so popular online.” he was born in 1983 and graduated from the Dalian University with TEM8 (TEM 8Test for English major). Now he works responsible for auditing the orders in a foreign company.

People from different countries have different language characteristics, expressions and accents are different, I am under a lot of pressure to do it well.” said Zhang Xu, His colleagues are responsible for orders around the world and often deal with customers in different countries, So he consulted his colleagues about linguistic characteristics of different countries.

“Every episode was recorded over 10 times, it took me three months to complete it.” said Zhang Xu.

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  1. Some Guy says:

    “His colleges are responsible for orders around the world and often…”

    >should be “colleagues”, not “colleges”.

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