Chinese County Leaders “Floating Inspection Photo” Spoofed by Netizens

leaders ps photo floatingPS photos appeared on the government website

Recently, the government website of Sichuan Huili county appeared a photo with clear PS trails. In the picture, three county leaders are inspecting the countryside; their bodies were “attached” to an asphalt road and looks like “floating” in the air. In the afternoon of 27, Sichuan Huili County opened an account in Sina micro blog, apologized to the media and netizens.

This matter spreads quickly on the website, and immediately arouses hot debates online. Many netizens said ironically “It is much too bad, they can even ride clouds” “The construction standard of the country road could not be higher, it must be built with cutting-edge suspension technology.” And web users initiate activities to spoof “Floating Inspection Photo”

sichuan huili county leaders floating photo Original inspection picture

Spoofed pictures by netizens.

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