Chinese businessman builds 1.5 million ‘Noah’s Ark’

Yang Zongfu, Chinese businessman from east Zhejiang Province spent two years and RMB1,500,000 making his own emergency disaster survival pod, or ‘Noah’s Ark’, in case of extreme weather or natural disaster.


The diameter of his “Noah’s Ark” is four meters, and weighs six tons, there are a total of four layers from the inside to the outside, each layer is 3.5 mm thick steel plate.

The cabin has safety seats, lookout system, ventilation system and bathroom and other living facilities, making it sustain temperatures of up to 1700C and impact forces of 350 tons

August 6, Yang Zongfu got into his “Noah’s Ark” and rolled down from near-vertical 50m high hillside down to pond at the foot, showing his invention to the world.

 It is equipped with motor and can also move in water.

According to Yang, ‘the reserve and life-sustaining system’ inside the yellow sphere ‘could ensure a family of three live safely inside for 10 months’.


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  1. Peter says:

    What do you mean by “rubble” ? Is there a place full of that?

  2. Right says:

    So… What if his ball ends up buried in rubble?

  3. some guy says:

    one word: SB

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