Chinese Attitude to Naked Marriage

naked marriage ageNo house, no car, no diamond ring, no wedding dress, no deposit, no wedding, no honeymoon, so will you try this kind of “naked marriage”? The hit TV series “Naked Marriage Age” let “naked wedding” –a four-year old internet terms – once again become popular online. “Naked” or “not naked” “full naked” or “half -naked”, pure love or material, which one is more important, netizens` opinion has polarized on this issue.

Hero and heroine in the play take a firm stand on naked marriage, but in reality, men and women have quite different attitude towards this. In an online survey about whether to support naked marriage, 70% -80% men are in favor of naked marriage, 60% -70% of women opposed. In each forum, the debate mainly focuses on the following three questions.

Man who chooses naked marriage is responsible or not?

In “Naked marriage BBS ” of, a post called “naked married men are rubbish” is very eye-catching, the post says women of naked marriage have to bear risks, first, take a risk that the man does not care her much, and that he will not cherish the marriage for without paying too much. So, on the subject of marriage women should have their own bottom line. Naked marriage will only make a man more unscrupulous wandering!

Another netizen “tlsl584251111” says: “Do not marry if economic conditions are not allowed, don’t mention to have children if even without a living place, you should not make a child suffer together with you. Naked marriage woman is taking their gamble on youth; few of people would use so many chips to bet. ”

Another net user “S ~ end” does not agree with his point: Men in favor of naked marriage should not be called rubbish. Few men can afford a house if without support from family. If both have a very good feeling to each other, can they only part for without a house? In fact, naked marriage is not bad, at least one should not just marry for money, it also provide a space for young couple to work and enjoy happiness together and have a long-lasting marriage.

Another post named “Not we want to naked marry, not we are not responsible ” poured out the difficulties of the “naked married man,” love a girl, of course I want give her my best things. I want to have a house, own a car, let my girl live more comfortable … … It is not that I don’t want to give you, but I really can not afford it.

Does naked marriage have level and conditions?

What level of naked marriage is just right, what degree can be accepted by both men and women in feelings?

A female netizen says: I can accept half-naked, perhaps not full naked. House is like our clothes and pants, the car is like shoes, and wedding and diamond ring are the hat and scarf. We can not have the latter three, what if without clothes?

As for the conditions of naked marriage, “Xiao Mantou” says: As a girl, I do not want a naked marriage, marriage is a life time thing, the key lies in both sides economic situation and acceptance of both parents, after all, it is not easy for two people come together .

Can marriage exit without love?

“I have no car, no money, no house, no diamond ring, but I have a heart to accompany you to the old, when you are old, I will still carry you, I will be your walking stick, when you lose your teeth, I will chew the food and feed you, I will die after you die, or else you will stay alone in this world, no one to take care of, I would worry about it if I became a ghost first. “” this line moves a lot of people. If you only can get love, dare you try naked marriage?

The net user named “Silvia’s loneliness” said: “I am of naked marriage, ah, now I live a comfortable life, , sweet, planned life makes me prospect, and I have my daily goals.” Another netizen “Yao Xiao Yu” said that now have boarded our mind, marriage is just a license, Is it worthy of working desperately for house?

Someone show they happy naked marriage life, while others oppose this kind of naked marriage based on supremacy of love, the line “details defeat love” in the play is referenced by many net users. One netizen said: “Can you always rent house after marriage? Then you will have no privacy, I firmly say NO to naked marriage”

Interpretation of naked wedding

Naked Marriage is a couples getting married without paying for a home (or any real estate), a car, a wedding banquet, honeymoon and wedding ring. The cost of this marriage is the infamous 9 yuan ($1.4 USD) – the marriage registration fee.  This form of marriage relieves the pressure of reality on young people when face marriage, which caused a lot of resonance of after 80s.

“Naked Wedding Age” author Tang Xin Tian: In my opinion, marriage is just a neutral word, it is only a right or wrong way of life. Marriage and career, there is no priority, some like to go alone, some others like to come together, in fact, as long as both sides share a common goal of love, and strive for it, so whether the wedding is before or after being rich in material, I believe there will be a satisfactory result.

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  1. Betty says:

    naked marriage sounds sad. on the other had, it is a good thing if the money is being saved for the future.
    and if two people really love each other…

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