China high speed train: high speed but high cost

Tissue box: 1125 Yuan, foot pedal: 2294 Yuan, the toilet seat nearly 100,000 Yuan and LCD TV was almost double the market price. … Century Weekly magazine claimed equipment of China’s CRH2 bullet train was bought at prices much higher than the market rate. Behind this 140 million Yuan train was behind-the-scene deals and corruption during transactions.

The price of a VIP seat soared to 160,000 Yuan. But it found similar products from other manufacturers at about a third lower.

The cost of a double seat was about 40,000 Yuan. But it found similar products from other manufacturers at about a third lower.

First-class single-seat was 22013.99 Yuan, and handrail was 3425 Yuan.

The net bag behind seat was up to 90 Yuan.

The foot pedal was 2294 Yuan, in total a single seat was up to 30,000Yuan.

15 inch LCD TV selling price is 13472.99 Yuan including tax. Some LED manufacturers surprised: this was 100% profit.

 LED flat ceiling light price was 6669.99 Yuan, while the market price was only about 4200 Yuan.

Each 12W reading lamp was 1416 Yuan, while market’s highest price was only 500-600 Yuan.

A washstand cost more than 20,000 Yuan, about four times the market price.

An auto-sensing valve was 12,800 Yuan, while a famous top brand fromSwitzerlandsold at no than 7000 Yuan.

Tissue box: 1125 Yuan

Germany EVAC toilet was 95,047 Yuan. The famous bathroom brand Toto’s most expensive toilet was only 30,000 Yuan.

Overall bathroom price of CRH2 was higher than 300,000 Yuan, which was the most luxurious part of the EMU. While bathroom price for CRH3 was even up to 1.2 million Yuan.

The total price of CRH2 was as high as 140 million Yuan.

CRH2 trains, produced by China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock Corporation (CSR) have been widely used on routes including the Shanghai-Nanjing and Beijing-Tianjing lines. The report alleged that high-ranking railway officials actually set prices and then selected specific suppliers with which they were connected or helped them with their bids.

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed train tickets ranged from 550 Yuan to 1,750 yuan, while the discount flight ticket was less than 700Yuan, and 13 hours overnight train fare is less than 200 Yuan. In the end, it is the public who pays the price.

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