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9 Best Online Platforms for Learning Chinese

The growing mobility exchange with and within China, is increasing the need of non-Chinese speaking population to learn Chinese. With its popularity in rise, Chinese online learning solutions became available. By now, there is...


10 Tools to Help You Learn Chinese

Every year, thousands of people come to China to live, work, learn, or simply to spend time exploring this beautiful country. In addition to this, many businesses from all over the world choose to...

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Top 8 Chinese Mobile Applications

China is the largest smartphone market worldwide. With approximately 520 million smartphone users in Mainland China, the mobile app business is currently booming. In 2014, Chinese mobile phone users downloaded nearly 185 billion apps,...


5 Travel Apps For First Timers in China

Going to China alone requires plenty of preparation, such as brushing up your Cantonese or Mandarin. But, with the help of mobile devices and apps, preparing has become easier for travelers the world over....