Beijing Traffic Jam hits record – Citizens Ask How to Survive Beijing

On evening September 17 a light rain caused record braking traffic jam in Beijing. the hottest topic on microblog that night is: How many people go back to home on schedule. A netizen answer to this with several figures: “I got on bus No 16 from Changqiao stop at 15:30, At 20:30 only arrived at Liuliqiao Stop, 5 hours for only 13 km! ”

Beijing vehicle fleet reached to 2 million in 2003, From then on Beijing started its “8-Year War Against Traffic Congestion.” But eight years later, measures emerged one after another, and the result is vehicle fleet has already broken 4.5 million.  motor vehicles becomes the most serious pollution source in the city . The measures fail , daily traffic jam last more than 5 hours.

The consensus is: Beijing`s traffic is becoming worse and worse! For this big city with 20-million population the net increase of vehicles is 1,900 per day.

The elctric board forcasts  heavy traffic jam ahead

Traffic jam make public bus extremly crowded


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