40 Beautiful Chengdu Girls Walk Fashion Show for 80 Recruiting CEOs

chengdu girl job hunting

No evening 27 Nov 2010, in a hotel of Chengdu, 40 young Chengdu girls, in various styles of office wears, and Qipao (Chinese style garment), is doing a fashion show on T stage accompanied by dynamic music. The show is neither a model acting nor a beauty contest but for employment. Their interviewers are the audience of 80 company CEOs off stage. 80 bosses for 40 beautiful women, is this an interview or a blind date? It leads to a controversy among the public.

chengdu girl job hunting

Accompanied by dynamic music, 40 young girls dressed in different wears walked on the T stage one by one. The audience-80 CEOs for recruitment- each carried several candidates resume in hand. After the T stage show girls walked onto the stage one by one to talk about their job exceptions, a candidate said that she wanted to start her own business in the future, which made a lot of bosses consider as “unreliable”, “When I start my business, certainly I will cooperate with my former employer to bring more profit for it!” One beauty’s fast response won the applauses of many bosses.

chengdu girl job hunting

The 40 beautiful candidates major in business management or acting or psychology. Among them three have gain master’s degree, and most are undergraduates. The employers are CEOs from western areas of China

Chengdu girl job hunting in a fashion show

After the show 2 employees have signed the agreement with the companies, and 15 have reached the agreement basically for further interview.

Chengdu girl job hunting in a T stage show

Public: Is it a blind date?

“These bosses are for a blind date or recruitment?” “Maybe to select a lover?” … … some citizens feel it is trustless for this kind of job interview, The doubted the CEOs` purpose of recruitment may be not pure.

“Employer should focus on talent, why do they have to choose beauty?” Mr. Zhang said, beauty is indeed seductive, “but company executives personally select beauty staff, this is obviously to look for their own wives, and even lovers! ”

Recruiter: We are come for beauty talent

“I come for a blind date!” Facing public doubts, Li Jian, a chairman of a hotel said, he is in the service industry and need management staff with quality of affinity and friendliness, he believed that he was for the “blind date”. He said he was to recruit the talent endowed with both talent and beauty not for only beauty.

Xue Gang, the organizer, said many recruiters did not talk more about the interviewee’s ability, but because of the beautiful appearance the recruiters quickly signed them. After into the company, the beauty will be regarded as a vase and her real ability will be buried.

Candidates: wages are not high

During the recruitment meeting, a candidate from Sichuan Normal University signed with a hotel as she like: “Wage is not high, only 2,000 Yuan a month!” She said, before that he was a plane model and income was much higher than this, “but that is only a beauty-for-food, so I hope to have a regular work.”

She said she also had concerns when heard about this activity, but eventually she decided to have a try, “no matter what kind of environment, I surely will leave immediately when meet a situation like being the second wife, lover or such a thing.”

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