Beat Generation 90s Singers: Drug Abuse, Suicide and Fraud Scandals

Mao Ning, Na Ying, Tian Zhen, Chen Lin, Sun Yue, Xie Dong, Han Xiao, Chen Shaohua, Man Wen Jun … … This is a bunch of names who have witnessed the Chinese pop music’s most brilliant time in last 1990s. But after entering the 21st century, along with Hong Kong and Taiwan Signers` entry into mainland China, the rising of talent singers and network singers, these mainland singers gradually get back to the second line. Few of them made outstanding contributions; some of them just show face at the Spring Festival Gala; most of them completely disappear from public view. In recent years, many of them are linked together with such shocking things such as drug abuse and committing suicide.

1. Chen Lin – Jumped off a building to her death

chen lin

October 31, 2009, mainland singer Chen Lin (陈琳) jumped to her death from Dongba Olympic Garden building 701 9th floor in Beijing.

Chen Lin’s body was found in a garden under the residential building around 6:00am. Many people speculated Chen Lin was deeply troubled and depressed by her relationships.

Chen moved to Beijing from Chongqing in the early 90s. She released seven albums and her debut I Never Know Your Heartthrob (Ni De Rou Qing Wo Yong Yuan Bu Dong) sold over one million copies.

Chen followed up her success by being appointed the first “Green Ambassador” by China Environmental Protection Foundation and was the first pop singer to hold a concert in front of the Potala Palace in 2000.

2. Hong Dou – nabbed for child molestation

Hong Dou arrested

Former Chinese singer Hong Dou was arrested for molesting again this year. Hong Dou was detained in a hotel in Baotou city in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Hong Dou was charged for child molestation charges by a Beijing court in 2002 .Hong Dou was Faye Wong’s first boyfriend.

3. Xie Dong – detained for drug abuse

Xie Dong Arrested for drug

Xie Dong, a well-known Chinese pop singer, has been detained again for drug abuse, according to police in Changsha, Hunan Province. This was the third time that Xie was detained for drug abuse. The 48-year-old pop song singer, who won his fame for his hit song “Smile” in the 1990s, was first caught in 2007, and for the second time in 2008.

Xie served as an anti-drug volunteer in a number of local anti-drug activities. His singing career has been dampened by the drug scandals.

4. Man Wenjun – Pop singer Man Wenjun arrested

Man Wenjun drug

The public image of pop singer Man Wenjun is a responsible man. He became well know for his 1997 song “Understanding You” (懂你). he was arrested for drug use during a raid on Coco Banana, a nightclub located outside the west gate of the Workers’ Stadium.

5. Mao Ning

Mao Ning

Mao Ning became China’s first openly gay performer after getting stabbed by his boyfriend.

6. Yang yuying

Yang Yuying

She was involved in Xiamen Yuanhua Smuggling Scandal.

7. Li Chunbo

Li Chunbo Xiaofang

He has good songs after the famous song “ Xiao Fang”.

8. Chen Shaohua

Chen Shaohua Singer

Poor album sales and detained for drug abuse

9. Han Xiao

Han Xiao singer

Lose memory in car accident when shooting an MV.

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