Amazing Paintings from a Chinese Farmer

chinese farmers paintings 2

Here are some paintings from a Chinese Farmer whose internet name is Wunai (means No Choice). He had excellent grades when he was at school but began to lag after he loved painting. So he dropped off from junior middle school in the year 1991 or 1992 (He can not remember it clearly now). He was always concentrating on painting on desk at school. He was very fat then but now becomes thin for hard life.

After school he often did farming and fed fish. He maintained a passion for painting nearly 20 years and there no reduction of his passion. He is no hobbies of smoking, drinking, playing cards and the like. He said he was undoubtedly a alien in farmers.

Please see paintings from this farmer.

Chiense farmers paintings 4

China peasant painting drawing

china farmers paintings

china peasant pictures

china farmers draw painting

chinese farmers drawers

chinese farmers paintings

chinese farmers paintings and drawer

chinese farmers paintings

chinese farmers paitings

chinese farmer pictures

chinese farmers paintings

chinese farmers paintings and its material

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