20 posters of Mao Zedong during China Cultural Revolution

Mao Zedong (1893 –1976), or known as Chairman Mao to the world , was a Chinese communist revolutionary, political theorist and the founding father of the People’s Republic of China. He was so admired by Chinese people in last century especially during China Cultural Revolution. Here is a collection of posters of Mao Zedong during that speical period.

This is the most common poster of Chairman Mao

The characters says: Chairman Mao inspects culture revolution army.

Chairman Mao is  a man of great vision

A modest and amiable Mao.

The words read: Warmly celebrate the convocation of the Fourth National People’s Congress

Cheer for the victory of Mao`s revolutionary line.

Left: Make the past serve the present and foreign things serve China. Right: Let a hundred flowers blossom; weed through the old to bring forth the new.

Cheer for the world`s entry into new times of Mao Zedong Thought.

Mao is saying hello to Red Guards.

Be loyal to Chairman Mao`s revolutionary line for ever.

Follow the unfinished lifework of Chairman Mao and carry forward the proletarian revolution.

Long live the people! – by Mao Zedong.

The Red Sun (refers to Chairman Mao) brightens the stage of workers, peasants and soldiers.

Long live the complete vicotry of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

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