100 billion Erdos city: many houses, few people

Erdos is located at well-known Erdos prairie in Inner Mongolia,China. Depending on rich underground coal resources, Erdos has built a one-hundred-billion-Yuannew city- Kang Bash for only five years. The local government claimed that the city would “keep its leading position for more than 100 hundred years.” In golden season of autumn the city is full of grand view of a “modernized international metropolis” but at the same time everywhere presents empty scenes – many buildings but few people. Is it a successful transformation of the industrial structure? Or is “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad?” This is the disputed “Ordos Phenomenon.”

Largest landscape fountain in Asia

Quiet theater

Dubbed “Ghost City”

Grand political center

Kang Bashinew city

Empty square

Avant-garde venue

Dig a canal and build the buildings.

Sculptures are more than people.

Quiet golden garden

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