17 pictures of Chinese style Christmas

In recent years, Christmas has become more and more popular, especially in large cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. While for most Chinese people, Christmas is celebrated just as a happy occasion for get-together of friends and couples, without any religious attachment. For westerners, Chinese style Christmas is sometimes fascinating, sometimes confusing.

In 1990s, Christmas began to be accepted by Chinese people gradually. Compared to the West, China’s Christmas has less religious atmosphere, but the young people’s chase for fresh lifestyle, and the commercial interests driven by festive atmosphere make Christmas flourished year by year. Picture shows on December 16, 2003, a giant inflatable Santa Claus to was set at a newly opened shopping mall in Shanghai.

Chinese Christmas does not relate closely to western Christmas on the meaning of Christianity. For most Chinese people, its meaning is only Christmas trees, Santa Claus and Christmas gifts, what they like is just a Christmas without Jesus. On December 14, 2009, the Qianmen in Beijing, a Christmas tree was set in frot of  Qianmen Street .

The religious connotation is gradually weakened and replaced by the rich elements of Chinese characteristics. Costume, stilts, traditional musical instruments, and even dumplings are all combined with Christmas. The photo was taken in Xi’an, showing a group of people dressed in a Santa Claus outfit perform traditional Chinese musical instruments.

December 22, 2011, Jinan, coach staff in Santa outfit serve dumplings to passengers.

December 24, 2002, Beijing, several restaurant employees dressed in the Chinese costumes sweep the snow in front the door, Santa Claus sculpture was set to attract customers.

As a mascot of Christmas, Santa Claus is known by all. But in China , the Santa Claus are more and more appear as musical instrument players  December 24, 2009 , outside a mall in Beijing, three girls take photos next to the Santa Claus who is playing the saxophone .

But there are people who are still willing to pursue the “real ” Santa Claus. December 24, 2011 , Shenyang City , a ” real” Santa Claus arrives, he is from Rovaniemi in northern Finland , Lapland , where is called ” Santa Claus Village ” . Currently, there are 50 registered Santa Claus around the world. They need to go through four years of professional training in order to get the license, his performance fee can reach 100,000  Yuan.

The Christmas tree is another exotic welcomed by Chinese. For each Christmas, shopping malls and many companies will set up Christmas tree.  November 30, 2010, Beijing, a shopping center in the East Third Ring set up a 5-meter-high Christmas tree in front of the mall, The Christmas tree is decorated with 100 violin, but in less than two days 13 was lost, so the company had to arrange a 24 hours security guard to watch the tree.

The unique shape of “Chinese-style ” Christmas tree , each with its own characteristics .

In the West Christmas  is a festival for people and their families to get together. While in China, Christmas is like Mardi Gras or Valentine’s Day, people and friends go out, have fun and do shopping. December 25, 2012, Changsha, several “Santa Claus” drive sports car to help over one hundred “secret admirers” to send love letters.

Fancy, cellophane-wrapped ‘Christmas apples’ are a common gift in China.This is because the word “apple” apparently sounds like “Christmas eve” in Mandarin. The apples might bear fancy wrapping and be printed with holiday messages, such as this apple bearing Santa Claus’s likeness and the words “Merry X-Mas.” December 21, 2012, Yichang, Hubei Province, a supermarket sell “Christmas apples” at high price.

The Chinese people  even invent the Chinese version of ” Santa Claus” . December 24, 2008 , Nanjing, a restaurant sets up a special Santa Claus marked with Chinise Santa Claus – Guo Ziyi .

More common seen is the “transformed” Chinese style Christmas. December 13, 2007, On Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square in Xian, a Santa Claus in a Chinese vest is set up with his hands holding a “Book of Changes” on the back.

According to media,  the number of Christians in China ranges from 60 million to 130 million. However, the business and holiday characteristics dilutes its religious atmosphere. Most people regard Christmas as an excuse for friends to get together. December 24, 2012, Hefei, Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street, a large number of citizens go to the streets, a person lites lanterns to celebrate Christmas in the streets.

Most Chinese do not care about the origin and meaning of Christmas,  “Without religious beliefs” do not affect Chinese people to have a “comfortable and happy” Christmas. December 14, 2006, Shenyang, a craftsman show his kneading Santa Claus which is welcomed by children.

December 15, 2011, Beijing, Santa Claus clothing and Chinese character “福” (happiness) appear together on the exterior wall of a store.

December 25, 2011, in front of a hotel in Beijing, two lions in Christmas costumes are set up to celebrate Christmas with traditional Chinese red lanterns. Like other exotic things in China , Christmas is added with various Chinese elements and then continues to be transformed, these transformations sometimes make people smile, sometimes reveal a hint of absurd taste .

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